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Earlier this month, we caught up with Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticultural Advisor, about horticulture, wildlife, and his plans for 2017. Check out his interview below. Our interview with Guy Barter 1. Why is wildlife so important to the horticultural industry? Wildlife in the general sense of biodiversity is important to everyone as our existence is tied to that of other living things. However for the horticultural industry, in particular, there is a sort of invisible help from wildlife that acts to keep populations in check, so unbeknown to gardeners,

Featured Image Credit: Anne Heathcote Earlier this month, we got back in touch with the lovely people at Freshwater Habitats Trust to get their advice on ponds before the summer months. They tell us all about the different wildlife ponds can attract, how to create your own wildlife pond, and whether or not you should worry if water levels drop in your pond in our interview below. Our Pond Advice interview with Freshwater Habitats Trust 1. What are some of the benefits of wildlife ponds? Wildlife ponds are fabulous places

A short while ago, we caught up with Luke Jones, Project Manager of Energy Garden, to talk about the Energy Garden project, what it is, and how it is helping bring colour and life to some of London’s busiest areas. Check out our interview below! Our interview with Energy Garden 1. What would you say the main aim of the Energy Garden project is? Energy Garden aims to bring communities together using the power of community gardening and community energy. We install environmental infrastructure and small renewable energy systems on

Last month, we caught up with Neil Wilcox, Information Officer at Thrive, about how gardening can help people from all walks of life build confidence, skills, and relationships. We look at some of the work that Thrive does, how you can get involved, and how social and therapeutic horticulture can benefit everyone. Learning about Thrive 1. What is Thrive? Thrive is the leading charity in the UK that uses gardening to bring about positive changes in the lives of people who are living with disabilities or ill health, or are isolated,

Featured image: Darren Ema and Nicky planting some purple sprouting broccoli in the greenhouse We caught up with Ken over at People and Gardens to find out more about their work and some of the projects they are involved with, how gardening can provide substantial health benefits, and who they work with within the community for their projects and wider aims. Take a look at our interview below. Our interview with People and Gardens  1. People and Gardens was set up to help people with learning disabilities and mental health issues to develop

Featured image: Perennial 9 Star Broccoli Recently,  we caught up with Mandy Barber from Incredible Vegetables to find out all about how she started growing, how she has become one of the main growers of Ulluco in the UK, and some beginners tips to help us all become expert vegetable growers. Take a look at our interview below. Our interview with Incredible Vegetables 1. You and your partner set up Incredible Vegetables as an experimental vegetable growing project and now sell perennial vegetable plants and seeds in your online shop.

Last month we spoke to Stephanie Hafferty to find out all about no dig gardening, and how you can turn homegrown food into favourite dishes and even natural products for the home. Find out all about what Stephanie does in our interview below. Our interview with Stephanie Hafferty 1. You are a no-dig kitchen gardener, teacher, writer and chef. How do you tie all of your occupations together? The different aspects of my work have naturally formed, so they tie together harmoniously. After leaving university (where I studied English Literature and Art

Last month, we caught up with SweetTree Farming for All to find out more about their Care Farm project and some of the other work they do with the community. Check out our interview with them below. Our interview with SweetTree Farming for All 1. SweetTree Farming For All runs a range of activities and training for adults and young people. What sort of activities and training do you provide? We run a few different projects, some at our own Care Farm in Mill Hill, SweetTree Fields Farm, and some

Earlier this month, we caught up with Chanel de Kock from The Joy of Plants to learn more about growing houseplants and which houseplants can bring some extra festive cheer to the home over the Christmas period. Check out the great interview below and get your home ready for Christmas! Our interview with The Joy of Plants 1. What are some of the easiest houseplants to grow and take care of for those of who us who aren’t gifted gardeners? Besides the obvious sturdy plants like cacti and succulents that have

Earlier this month, we caught up with Stuart Moody, publisher of Pocket Farm magazine. Pocket Farm provides practical information for smallholders, backyard farmers and crafters, so we spoke to Stuart about small-scale, back garden chicken keeping. Stuart gave us some great advice in his interview below, so be sure to check it out if you’re thinking of owning chickens or need some advice on an existing flock. Our interview with Pocket Farm 1. What factors do you need to consider before you start keeping chickens? There are several things you need

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