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The importance of allotments in the UK often gets overshadowed by financial incentives in that the government has to close the allotment sites so the property can be developed for financial gain. Unfortunately, the current state of allotments is in decline. Freedom of Information has revealed that the government turned down only four (4) applications out of one hundred and ninety-nine (199) to close allotment sites. The decline has been the result of councils across the UK choosing to sell off these land allotments to developers. As time has passed

With Summer right on our doorstep, it is natural to get out into the garden and restore it to its natural beauty, ready for the Family BBQ’s and long summer nights. Why not add some attractive features such as an arch or arbour?   Every garden big or small is beautiful in its own way. Throughout the Winter when we see the harsh weather it is natural for the garden to become wild and die back due to the lack of sun and not so lack of rain. Once the

Leaf mould

autumn leaves background in sunny day

As we are in autumn now, you can expect your garden to be covered in fallen leaves, why not have a tidy up? Leaves can be easily gathered by hand or by using a lawn rake. Once you have pulled together the fallen leaves and your garden looks tidy again, you may consider using those leaves to create a compost bin and therefore end up with leaf mould to use on your garden. Leaf mould is brilliant; the dark, crumbly finished product is a great soil amendment and conditioner. It

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