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I can’t resist – ho, ho, ho! There..  I promise, it’s out of my system. Christmas is racing ever closer and December is a prime time to pull an inventory together of everything you need for the coming year. A secateur sharpener, a greenhouse heater, welly socks – all on my list at the moment. But it isn’t all retail this month as a few hours of daylight in the garden is the perfect antidote to wandering in shopping centres or hours slumped in front of a computer screen, recovering

November in the garden and there’s plenty to be doing to keep warm.   With bonfire smoke pervading the air, November is an evocative time in the garden. It’s also a busy one.   Some quick tips for the garden in November:   Before lighting any bonfires check that they are clear of animals such as hedgehogs.  Animals often like to bury themselves in the warmth of leaves, especially if they are piled up, for some added safety so it is always worth checking through your heap before lighting it.

Not all of us are equally handy when it comes to sprucing up our garden, but with the aid of the right equipment we can make our lives a lot easier and our garden area a lot prettier. Depending on the garden, certain tools will always be necessary – if you have a small garden on, say, a balcony, you will keep smaller plants and will have no need for big, expensive tools. Of course, you adjust as the need dictates. For bigger gardens, a variety of tools will be

While Glastonbury is a music festival done right, it also shows us exactly what sort of strain we can put on our grass. The inevitable frustration that comes with a lawn full of patches, weeds, and overgrowth isn’t just seen after the throngs of people leave the festival grounds. They can be seen around our own home and the repair method is largely the same (albeit on a much smaller scale!) So, what can we take from Glastonbury when it comes to repairing our own lawn? Let’s have a look.

Many people do not know that there is an art to composting. Though it is relatively easy to do, there are specific steps to getting the process right. Making good compost is a pleasure while a poorly maintained heap of compost can be a really bad experience. When it comes to creating compost for the garden there is a great deal of information available. Some of the information may even seem to contradict what another source says. However, there is an abundance of consensus on what items are good and

Every garden starts with the soil that’s supporting the growth of plant life. Whether gardeners are completely new to the experience or are maintaining an already established garden, it’s important to take the soil being used into consideration in order to improve the overall health and vitality of a garden. So, what’s involved in knowing soil and what’s actually usable for gardening? Drainage The word “drainage” is thrown around quite a bit in gardening, but the most basic rule is that the majority of plants will prefer well-drained soil: that

Designing a garden does not have to be an expensive task, there are lots of beautiful gardens all over the UK that have been created on a limited budget. In this guide, you will find some useful methods to save money on many aspects of your garden design project. Low-cost garden design tips Before you start to garden, you need to decide on your available budget, because, without a decent start-up plan, it is often hard to know how to proceed. The other things you need to ask are, what

Gardening is a fun relaxing activity. Not only is it therapeutic, but a garden can contribute to your in home décor, provide fresh organic herbs and vegetables, or even both. Contrary to what many believe, anyone can be a successful gardener, even young children. Just as with most endeavours you only have to follow a few simple rules, and a few simple garden ideas: Do some research  Your first step is to decide what you wish to grow; plants and shrubs, flowering plants, herbs and vegetables or various combinations. Do

There will always come a point when items need to be replaced with something newer and more effective. Rather than throwing away your old garden tools, kitchen utensils and storage containers, why not try upcycling them into something new that could either be a decorative piece or a practical item for use elsewhere. Checking out upcycle ideas is a great starting position that allows you to browse a number of well-established ideas and see what upcycling is all about and to get a taste of where you can go with

What needs to be done in the garden in October? Good question. October marks the return of the heavy rain, raging winds, freezing temperatures and in some cases even snow. Your garden will have to endure this harsh weather as well as everything in it and, therefore, you need to help it protect itself. Plants will die back, leaves will fall and animals will disappear as well as all the life pretty much. Winter can be very damaging so here are a few tips we would advise to minimise damage.

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